Getting a job..

6 Feb

After applying for everything I could find, I managed to get an interview to be an ‘associate bear’ for build-a-bear workshop. After 4 rounds, I got rejected. Bummer!

However, I then got a call asking if I was still interested in the job and got another interview. So then after a further 6 rounds I was offered a job in the Hamleys store! YES! So I went to the training day and waited to hear when my shifts were.

I then get a call saying they don’t want me in Hamleys anymore, but the Covent Garden flagship store. Hamleys would’ve been cool but I was more than willing to switch!

Then I get a call saying they don’t want me to work in Covent Garden but in White City. Slightly further afield but still easy enough to get to.

Then I get a call saying they hired too many people, and since I hadn’t officially started working there yet, they were letting me go.



Good for me.


So after 7 hours of interviews, a job offer, spending £29 on a uniform I’ll never wear again and a 4 hour unpaid training day, I come out with nothing but another round of job applications to complete.



I’m so demode

4 Jan

So I went to Covent Garden and suddenly realised I was living in the city I had dreamt about moving to. Since my past trips to London have been mainly focused on going to the West End, it’s one of the only places I know (sort of) well.

Having received many recommendations from my ‘chic’ friends to try the Laduree macarons, I decided to give them a go. I must say I was disappointed; there didn’t seem to be anything special about them. I realised though that maybe I don’t understand these little treats. What is so special about them? Everyone I’ve spoken to has given me rave reviews as if they’re some sort of mystical magical thingy from some crazy world made of all things great.

Maybe I got a bad one, maybe they’re just bad.

Or made I’m just demode.




On a side note, I’m going out for steak tonight, and that obviously entails chips.. so resolution no.5 has been broken already. Can I change it to ‘no chips except with steak?’.. I don’t care. I’m going to.

New Year’s Resolutions!

1 Jan

So here we are, having avoided the Mayan apocalypse, in 2013. I actually went home for new year and didn’t do much in the way of celebrating – my family have never really celebrated new year. So I spent it with some friends just chatting and watching films. We didn’t even realise when the clocks struck midnight! However, I have come up with some new year’s resolutions which I am definitely (maybe) going to stick to (probably not):

  1. Get fit. This has been on my list of resolutions for the last 4 years running and is yet to happen. However, I have a feeling this is MY YEAR. Six pack here I come! Although six packs on women are kind of gross… Not getting out of breath from walking up the stairs here I come!
  2. Find love. My friends chose this one on my behalf (Does that make me sound like less of a loser?) and also entailed the aim to ‘have more sex’. Anyway, I am rather fed up of being forever alone, and I swear every man I’ve ever been with is secretly gay, so this seemed like a deserving addition to my list. One of my friends has actually wished me to find love, and he’s clearly a wizard, so I like to think this one is a dead cert rather than a resolution. (Obviously joking, I’m destined to die an old maid for sure).
  3. Watch less tv. I’m actually currently studying for a degree in Philosophy at King’s College London. Or at least I should be studying. I’ve actually spent most of my time so far perfecting the art of procrastination. This one had to be on my list because I’m actually hoping to pass my degree. And there’s a possibility that watching every episode of every american tv programme ever isn’t going to help me do that.
  4. Do something really cool. Since arriving in London I’ve realised that everyone here seems to be doing something with their life while I’m just sat around doing not much at all. So I vow to at some point this year do something really super cool so I don’t feel like such a loser. It could be going travelling, learning magic (DYNAMO STYLE!) or even winning the X factor. I just don’t want to reach this time next year and still feel like I’ve achieved nothing.
  5. Give up chips. This is another one set by my friends. To be honest, I don’t really eat many chips, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. McDonald’s serves fries, not chips, right? Fries are clearly completely different. So they don’t count.

So there we have it; my new year’s resolutions. I will try to keep you up to date on whether I actually succeed in keeping them, but until you hear more you can just assume I’m still an unfit, forever alone loser sat in my room watching TV while eating a bowl of chips.

Help – I live in a ghetto!

31 Dec

After having a quick walk around the local area, I’ve discovered I live in what seems very much like a ghetto. The streets are quiet, there’s broken glass outside the building, and even from my flat I can hear shouting from people down the road. I’ve also been informed by someone who lives in the building not to go in the park next door. It’s managed to gain the name of ‘Butt Rape Park’. Great. Very reassuring. SO GLAD I MOVED.

To be fair, she also said with a smile ‘Don’t worry, you won’t get raped in there. Just mugged and stuff.’

Don’t worry she says. Just mugged. You know you’re living in a nice area when being ‘just mugged’ is enough to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Hmm.. It will get better though, right? I’m starting to feel glad my parents forced me to get an alarm for my keys. So far, London isn’t what I imagined. Then again, I imagined spending my entire time in Covent Garden, and I haven’t actually been there yet. If I don’t get mugged, raped and murdered before tomorrow, I’ll go then.

Hello London!

30 Dec

On the drive up to London I was feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. With a car packed with all of my things, and my parents worrying in the front seats, it was all becoming a bit real. Turning up at my new flat was very strange. I managed to embarrass myself immediately by trying to unlock the door opposite rather than my own. Good one. I’m sure I made a great first impression; I will now be known as ‘the girl who can’t find her own home’.


Although of course, it doesn’t feel like home yet. It’s very odd calling this place home! I now live in a tiny shoe box one room. The view is pretty cool though – looking out the window is a brilliant view of the Shard, Tower Bridge and the Gherkin. It sure beats looking out the window and seeing a bunch of trees.


Time to go exploring!

Goodbye countryside

30 Dec

I grew up in a very small hamlet (population 24) in the south of England. It was a great place to live as a child and I do consider myself privileged. To some, waking up every morning to the clip-clop of horses and looking out the window to see endless forests and fields will sound like heaven, and I guess it is for a few days at a time. But after 18 years in the place I am so ready to move on.

There’s just so little to do here and wherever I go I just see people doing the same things day in and day out. The people in the local pub are the same regulars, who order the same drinks and the same food. It’s monotonous. My family has lived here for generations, and no one has ever moved farther than the next village. Time to pack up my bags and go! Next stop: London.

I’ve wanted to move to London for a long time, but only now have I got the opportunity. I will admit I am a little scared; the population of London is almost 300,000 times as big as where I live now, so it’s going to be a huge change! Also I’ll be the first in the family to move more than 3 miles away. That seems crazy. More than anything though it’s exciting! I can’t wait to explore the city and find out if it’s really as amazing as I had imagined.